Live Report: Singapore Budget 2015

    Thank you for tuning in to our live coverage of Singapore's 2015 Budget announcement! While we work on round-up and reaction stories (links will be posted here hot off the press!), please see the highlights of the Budget speech delivered by Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam earlier this afternoon:

    1) Higher taxes for top 5% of income earners

    2) Increase in CPF salary ceilings to $6,000 and increments in contributions for older workers (2% for workers aged 50-55, 1% for workers aged 55-60, 0.5% for workers aged 60-65)
    3) New Silver Support Scheme of between $300- $750 for eligible seniors in quarterly payouts
    4) GST Voucher increments
    5) New SkillsFuture scheme giving learning grants to all Singaporeans
    6) New partner operator scheme to add on to existing anchor operator scheme for early childhood education, to reduce preschool fees
    7) Increased petrol taxes of 20 cents for premium-grade and 15 cents for intermediate-grade fuel
    8) Higher tax deduction of 300% for donations made in this Jubilee year
    9) Carbon Emissions scheme extended to end June 2017

    We've also got a list of winners and losers from this year's Budget.

    Also, do check out our story on the memes and other social reactions to the Budget.
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